Arrested Movement: Running Horse
21C Hotel
Louisville, KY

For part of their permanent collection 21C Hotel commissioned twenty-three Arrested Movement: Running Horse reliefs. Each relief is composed by eight wooden cut-outs covered with colorful vinyl stickers. Pieced together they resemble something recognizable- a running horse. The thin layers of glue brushed over vinyl gesture toward the painterly, whilst the vinyl assumes popular recognition as an aesthetic of signs and industrial fabrication.
Arrested Movement: Running Horse plays with visual performances between colors and light, materials and environments. Contrasts between the slick surface of vinyl and the wooden armature (to which the pieces stick) play on difference between shiny/reflective and matte/absorbent. A piece of red glitter vinyl, centered in the cut-out, is nearly always seen as a gradient, from almost white to maroon and through shades of cadmium red. Dark lines in wood are nearly imperceptible in low lighting, and add accent to the the stride and gesture of the horse when highlighted in daylight.